First of all I'd like to thank you for coming to Plant Perfection Foods website and now that you are here I'd like to tell you a bit about this business and why it exists. My name is Cherrie and I am passionate about eating only plants – no animal products whatsoever. My husband and I have been eating this way since seeing a video presentation by Dr.Caldwell Esselstyn in December of 2009 and have experienced great health benefits by eating as Dr.Esselstyn prescribes and we want to help others to experience great benefits too.

Dr.Esselstyn ( along with Drs.John McDougall ( and T.Colin Campbell ( have been the most major influences in the way we cook and eat. The food we make at the Plant Perfection Foods kitchen is prepared the way we cook at home for ourselves. The food is only made from plants – there are no animal products of any sort, there are no nuts, no soy, no added oils or salt, and no added sugar. Everything is gluten free. We don't use commercial meat substitutes and we use dried beans and make our own broths to keep the sodium content low on our products.

Plant Perfection Foods - Our KitchenWe prepare all sorts of dishes – soups, stews, curries, burgers and salads. Our food is cooked, vacuum packed, quick frozen, and delivered to your home in our delivery area. We ship nationwide.

We started Plant Perfection Foods with one goal in mind - to provide truly healthy convenient food to people who want to take control of their health by adopting a whole foods plant based way of eating. I hope you'll find our products convenient, affordable and delicious. With our food in your freezer you'll never wonder what to eat and together we can be part of a food revolution helping make the world a healthier place.


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About Plant Perfection Foods

Influenced by the work of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr.John McDougall, and T.Colin Campbell, Ph.D, we prepare plant-based meals that are free of all animal products and commercial meat substitutes, nuts, soy, added oils, salt and sugar. All of our meals are gluten-free. Our meals are vacuum-packed, quick frozen and delivered to your home.