So how did we get here anyway?

I was raised in a typical American household eating the typical American diet. My dad had his first heart attack when he was 52. He survived and life went mostly back to normal but he continued to decline. He had trouble with stairs and heat and by the time he was in his early 70's he had a major stroke leaving him literally speechless. My mother spent her energies caring for him until he died and a few years later found herself in need of 24 hour care. She had congestive heart failure, raging osteoporosis, COPD (never smoked) and a number of other chronic debilitating conditions. She lived fairly long but her golden years were far from ideal.

In the meantime my older sister developed an aggressive case of rheumatoid arthritis. She too ended up in 24 hour care but not until she had endured multiple joint replacements and numerous side effects from the typical drug therapies for RA. Then, in 2007, I found myself with increasingly painful joints along with painful nodules under my skin and pain in my lungs and kidneys. That, along with a bright red rash on my cheeks confirmed my condition to be some sort of autoimmune disease not unlike my sister's. It was most likely Lupus Arthritis if it needed a name but to me it did not need a name because it was not going to stay. I would banish it from my life – somehow – but how?

Before and AfterI figured it had to be related to the food I ate and for a while I dabbled around with my diet unsuccessfully. Then in late 2009 I happened on a video by Dr.Caldwell Esselstyn and my husband and I knew we could not go back to the way we had been eating. We learned that eating animal based foods has us all walking along the edge of a cliff and at any given moment a microscopic plaque in our arteries can rupture and push us off the cliff resulting in a heart attack or a stroke – both among the leading causes of early death in the modern world. We damage ourselves with every fork full. We knew we had to change for ourselves and for each other.

The next day we cleaned out the refrigerator and the pantry and went shopping. We were now whole food plant eaters, no added oils, no nuts. I bought every DVD available on the subject and visited many websites and learned to cook all over again. Out with the meats and cheeses – the vegetables became the centerpieces of our meals. Not only was the food I made delicious but I was having more fun cooking than I ever had; I was not only cooking I was creating and to my amazement my body was healing. I studied plant based nutrition and everything I learned confirmed what my husband and I were experiencing in our bodies. I could walk without pain and sleep through the night. Other conditions were clearing up too – no more GERD, my excess weight was falling off, my husband was feeling better too. No way would we ever go back to the kind of eating that made us sick.

We became passionate about our newly discovered lifestyle and committed ourselves to helping others achieve the health they deserve though better food. So we started Plant Perfection Foods with the goal of providing convenient truly healthy food to people who want to eat the way we do – the whole food plant based way.



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About Plant Perfection Foods

Influenced by the work of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr.John McDougall, and T.Colin Campbell, Ph.D, we prepare plant-based meals that are free of all animal products and commercial meat substitutes, nuts, soy, added oils, salt and sugar. All of our meals are gluten-free. Our meals are vacuum-packed, quick frozen and delivered to your home.