Vegan Nutrition for Athletes

Does your input = your output? What you put in your body has a significant impact on athletic performance

You plan out your workouts, keep your times, record your progress. Are you keeping track of what you’re putting in to your body and how that affects your output?

Whole Foods Vegan Athlete Meal Plan

Eating a whole food, plant-based diet has many benefits. One that is highly overlooked is the impact it can have on athletic performance.

Athletes who follow a vegan diet plan often find their lean muscle mass increases and body fat declines. Digestion is easier with a plant focused diet and recovery time after workouts is lessened. Many athletes can increase their speed and endurance while fueling up with plant-based sports nutrition.

Professional athlete Griff Whalen, an NFL player with the New England Patriots, went vegan while nursing a foot injury. After researching the ways in which nutrition could assist his recovery, he started with the Engine 2 28-Day Challenge.

“During the 28-day challenge, I felt surprisingly good! I just went cold turkey,” Whalen said. “After a few days, I really felt a difference in my body. I felt lighter and more energetic and just less sluggish overall. That first week motivated me to finish the whole 28 days.” He continues to follow a vegan sports nutrition plan today.

The Protein Question

Despite the common misconception that you need to eat animal products for protein, plant foods are abundant in high quality protein. Protein should equate to roughly 10-15 percent of your total caloric intake. It’s less than most people think. The body can only process so much, and what it does not use is converted to body fat.

When you eat a variety of whole foods, you don’t need to worry about getting enough of the “right” type of protein. Nearly all plant foods contain some protein. Some common high protein sources include beans, lentils, tofu, nuts, whole wheat, soy, broccoli, and rice.

Plant Perfection makes it easy to stick to a plant-based diet by delivering healthy dishes straight to your home. Our healthy vegan meal plan for athletes will provide you the nutrition you need to improve your endurance and sports performance.

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