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Good nutrition is the basis of your health. You actually are what you eat. Plant-based diets provide the nutrients your body needs for optimal function, to cleanse, repair and grow. Eating a diet that is entirely or mostly plant-based can help you lose weight, maintain mental clarity and increase your energy. But one of the biggest benefits of the plant-based diet is that it has been proven to not only treat but reverse many chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Benefits of Whole Foods Plant-based Eating

The standard American diet has sadly become filled with unhealthy amounts of fat, cholesterol, sugar, artificial chemicals and animal proteins. With a focus on processed and refined foods, the diet is lacking in vital plant-based nutrients and fiber. Our bodies are not designed to tolerate and function properly when being fed this way. With this understanding, it’s not surprising that our body reacts with illness, allergies and chronic conditions.

Thousands of studies from scientists around the world continue to prove that diets based primarily on plant foods enable people to maintain optimal health, avoid chronic diseases and degenerative illnesses. What’s more, studies have shown those that are currently sick or in pain were able to recover once they were nourished with a healthful, plant-based diet.

For example, Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, discovered that patients could actually reverse and heal from heart disease when they at a plant-based diet. Dr. Esselstyn has helped hundreds of patients go from fearing heart attack to no symptoms of heart disease. One patient reported that after just three short weeks, his angina disappeared. Within one year, his cholesterol levels dropped from 309 to 122, and he lost 40 pounds. He says he now feels like the picture of vitality and hope. Learn more about this ground-breaking work at

Faced with unhealthy options at every turn, eating right can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. Plant Perfection makes it easy to stick to a plant-based diet. Simply order the healthy dishes you love and we will deliver straight to your home. Our meals are based on Dr. Esselstyn’s life-saving work. Many doctors and nutritionists are recommending a plant-based diet for their patients to both prevent and reverse chronic disease and they frequently direct their patients to our service..

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